Skateboard Slam

  • Skateboard Slam


Face off against friends or tear into single player challenges in this high-flying, high-octane skateboarding race.

Trick your way around obstacles and traps through four exotic worlds to reach the finish line first!


Challenge friends or strangers in easy-to-play turn-based multiplayer matches.

Perform gravity-defying tricks with a variety of wild and crazy skaters like Gary Zorblax, TrashBot 5000 and Funosaurus Rex.

Progress through four colorful worlds: Block Party, Junkyard, Dino Park and Moon Base.

Use power-ups and activate Boost to gain an edge over your opponents.

Hone your skills and unlock new worlds with 40 single player challenges.

Upgrade your skaters to gain an advantage over the competition.

Randomized levels mean no two courses play the same.